Wi-Fi на Nikon d300s

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Wi-Fi на Nikon d300s
В мире существует множество разновидностей фотографов, так мы знаем о существовании фотодрочеров, фотоманьяков, профессионалов фотографов, юзеров и ещё много кого, но те фотографы, которые умеют делать что-то своими руками - мало.

Я был удивлён, когда увидел это чудо. Фотограф создал свою собственную рукоятку с возможностью раздачи Wi-Fi и управлением камеры.

“As you can see, I have it mounted inside my MB-D10 vertical grip. To do this I used my spare MS-D10 battery holder which holds 8xAA batteries. I then cut off the battery mounts from one side so that I could fit the Trulink device board inside but still be able to mount 4xAA batteries, which is what is required to power the Trulink board. I then modified the battery circuit by pulling out the top connector plate at the back of the battery holder and effectively cutting it in half. At the same time I cut off the top contacts so that the batteries would no longer supply power to the camera and become a completely independent circuit. I then soldered a wire to the remaining part of the back plate, ran it up the front to a switch, then soldered the last wire to the bottom contact plate to connect the positive.

Fitting in the Trulink board was probably the most tricky part. In the end I just drilled a hole for the antenna to stick through, then I grinded down the plastic around it so that it would sit flat and straight. I then had to use a washer as a spacer because I needed the antenna to screw in tight to hold the board in place. After that it was just a matter of wiring up the power and modifying the USB cable to the right length.”

P.S.: Теперь можно будет запускать торрент и становится на раздачу.

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